Who am I?

 Hello, my name is Emily and I am 11 years old. I have been dancing ballet for 7 years and have started dancing on pointe, I love table tennis and sprinting. I go to a tutoring centre called KUMON and have completed the English programme there. My favourite animals are horses. Here is a poem about me:


 Amaia Orozco via Compfight


Autumn dance

Pointe Shoes

       She loves sport,

         but is not at home on a tennis court,

     She has dark brown eyes

        and long dark brown  hair.

      She danced for most of her life

   and finished an English programme without strife.

         She is eleven and very friendly,

        Her name is Emily.

6 thoughts on “Who am I?

    • Hello Miss W, I have just started dancing on pointe and you usually have to be about 11 or 12 years old to start pointe, depending on how strong your feet are.

  1. Hi Emily,
    I’m Alinna! I really love dancing too. Iv’e been dancing since I was two and I am on Pointe also. Pointe is not hard but since I have ankle problems sometimes it is challenging. I feel like I’m good at Pointe because I can already do double pirouettes on Pointe and land them. I also have a Jazz solo and I do 12 dances. If you are interested in checking out my blog here is the link
    Alinna’s blog
    Huzzah! Our class blog

    • Hi, Alinna
      It is so nice of you to comment on my blog. I have always dreamed of being on pointe when I was small. Thanks for leaving your blog link.

  2. Hi Emily, i’m Karlee! I did dance when I was younger and last year I did hip hop! I think its very fun to be with your friends and just dancing. I also love sports! I play volleyball and basketball for my school because i’m 2 years older than you! Very cool post with the poem put in!

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